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Psychotherapeutic Counselling with Pamela Allen

What is counselling?

Counselling, or talking therapy, is one of the many ways we can help ourselves to make sense of our unique place in the world around us. Whether we feel confused, alone, sad, anxious… whether we are struggling to cope with situations that feel out of our control… whether we are worried about addiction… whether we need help to understand our relationships with others, feel overwhelmed at work, have lost direction or hope – talking it through with someone who will listen with care can be immensely helpful.

Most people find that having someone dedicated to listening and understanding them, with interest and without judgement, has a powerful effect on their well-being and sense of self.

Is counselling right for you?

It may sound cliché, but personal therapy is a journey. The road is often bumpy and sometimes feels hard – there is no point in pretending that counselling provides a magic wand.

But you are not alone. As your counsellor I will take the journey alongside you every step of the way, until you are ready to take your own path.

You will find a safe space where you can say anything without being judged, and feel anything without being wrong.

Pamela Allen MBACP

I am a qualified counsellor, with diplomas in psychotherapeutic counselling and relationship therapy.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and abide by the BACP
code of ethical conduct. 

I work both online and in person.

I attend clinical supervision on a regular basis.
his is where counsellors can be sure that they are always working with their clients as well as they can be. 


I offer counselling therapy for adults and
older adults, individuals and couples. My approach is mainly philosophical – we work on how we feel in the present, and consider what we want and need to do in order to shape our future.

However, I always work with flexibility; we build our work together by building our relationship together, and so therapy is always a unique experience. Sessions can continue for several weeks or many months.



£58 for individual therapy,
£70 for couples work.

Some negotiation may be possible.

I meet potential clients for an initial assessment 
where we can get to know each other
before deciding to start work. 
These are fixed at £45 and £60

We meet every week at the same time,
for 50 minutes.
It is a commitment to work; if we agree to start,
payment is due every week except for
pre-booked holidays and when I am away. 8


Working online and in person, in central Witney

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